Netgear switches price in kenya

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KSH 33,000 (KSH 38,280 inc VAT)
KSH 37,000 (KSH 42,920 inc VAT)

Netgear offers a variery of switches mainly categorized by the options and function they perform including management style, port counts, PoE capabilities, and port-speed. The Netgear switches are not very popular in the Kenyan market though the brand has been around for several years. In the Kenyan market space, two types of Netgear switches are common. These include Netgear managed switches and Netgear unmanaged switches, the two will often have POE capabilities hence making a favourite to the majority of consumers mainly because POE (Power over Ethernet) is required in many network setups.

While we may not a wide variety of Netgear switches, you can always count on us for all your netgear switch requirements. We work with distributiors to ensure that our Netgear switch prices are nominal while also delivering quality products.