Quality generic computer and electronics products available at competitive prices in Nairobi, Kenya from Glantix generic dealers in Kenya. We have a variety of generic products at low prices including cables, connectors, networking accessories, batteries, adapters e.t.c. Call or shop online and have your generic product delivered on the same day.

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KSH 9,000 (KSH 10,440 inc VAT)
KSH 700 (KSH 812 inc VAT)
KSH 1,700 (KSH 1,972 inc VAT)
KSH 1,500 (KSH 1,740 inc VAT)
KSH 6,500 (KSH 7,540 inc VAT)
KSH 4,000 (KSH 4,640 inc VAT)
KSH 8,500 (KSH 9,860 inc VAT)
KSH 9,500 (KSH 11,020 inc VAT)
KSH 2,500 (KSH 2,900 inc VAT)
KSH 2,200 (KSH 2,552 inc VAT)
KSH 3,000 (KSH 3,480 inc VAT)