Portable power station prices in kenya

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KSH 8,000 (KSH 9,280 inc VAT)
KSH 8,000 (KSH 9,280 inc VAT)
KSH 400,000 (KSH 464,000 inc VAT)
KSH 192,000 (KSH 222,720 inc VAT)
KSH 105,000 (KSH 121,800 inc VAT)
KSH 55,000 (KSH 63,800 inc VAT)
KSH 120,000 (KSH 139,200 inc VAT)
KSH 175,000 (KSH 203,000 inc VAT)
KSH 155,000 (KSH 179,800 inc VAT)
KSH 36,000 (KSH 41,760 inc VAT)
KSH 55,000 (KSH 63,800 inc VAT)
KSH 65,500 (KSH 75,980 inc VAT)

Portable power station offer power on the go thereby ensuring that your life is never interrupted because of power. Several reknown brands offer quality portable power station with up to 5 years warranty lead by EcoFlow and Ugreen.

We have partnered with EcoFlow and Ugreen distributors to offer these portable power station at nominal prices while ensuring we give you quality products with warranty.