1.    Click on quote button. You will be directed to accounts login page
2.    Create a user account via register.
 If your email already exists, it means you have an account with us already, kindly reset the password. An email with a reset link will be sent to your email, follow instructions and create your new password
3.    Once you login, search the product you want quote. Select the quantity then click choose. Repeat this process until you have selected all the products.
4.    Once you have selected all products click “View basket” to review the click “proceed to quote” to submit the quote.
5.    Our team will review your quote and approve. Once approved you can login to your account and download the quote in a pdf document.

We offer express delivery within Nairobi with a lead time of 2hrs maximum from the time of ordering.

For people outside Nairobi, they are guaranteed of receiving their products with 24hrs on weekdays.

Shipping charges varies depending on distance. Always confirm with sales team the shipping cost to your location.

Shipping outside Nairobi is charged as per the amount charged by the various courier companies. e.g. If they charge Ksh 500, you pay Ksh 500. You as the customer has the option of paying the courier directly as well.

Additionally, we offer free delivery within Nairobi and its environs for orders amounting to Ksh 100,000 and above.

There are 3 ways you can shop from us.
1. You can shop online by placing your order on our website. Our sales team will get your order and once confirmed your order will be shipped to your location.

2. You can also order by calling our sales team via the phone numbers provided on our website. Once you provide what item(s) you need and as well as your billing/shipping details our sales team will place and disptach your order.

3. You can also shop at our pickup location at BIHI towers. It is advised that you call ahead so that your product (s) are made ready. There may be a waiting period of 5 mins to 1hr depending on the product(s) you wish to buy.

We only offer cash on delivery for customers within Nairobi and its environs. Customers outside Nairobi, are required to pay via the various payment options provided.

We usually indicate the exclusive and the inclusive price on the website because there are a few individual/companies under the income tax Act that are exempt from VAT.

The warranty covers any manufacturer`s defect like motherboard issues that is causing the product to malfunction. Warranty doesn`t cover physical damage like breakage.

Generic accessories are also not covered under warranty, they only have a guarantee.

A guarantee is the assuarance that the product will work. In the event that it doesn`t you will get an exchange with one that does or a refund in the event there isn`t a replacement product.

Should you receive a faulty product, you are required to notify our sales team within 24 hrs. Thereafter, return the product to us so that our support team can advise within 24hrs upon receiving the product.

If the product was delivered when faulty, you will get a replacement. Consequently, if the product spoiled in the process of setting up and still under warranty, the case will be handled under warranty.

If you pay for a product which isn`t available you will get a refund. However, we always advise our customers to confirm availbility with our sales team before committing to an order to avoid the inconvience.

If the product you paid for is faulty and there is no immediate replacement you also qualify for a refund. However, if the product fails after using it for some time, it will be sorted under manufacturer`s warranty hence you don`t qualify for a refund.