JACK sewing machine prices in Kenya

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KSH 140,000 (KSH 162,400 inc VAT)
KSH 95,000 (KSH 110,200 inc VAT)
KSH 70,000 (KSH 81,200 inc VAT)
KSH 75,000 (KSH 87,000 inc VAT)
KSH 60,000 (KSH 69,600 inc VAT)
KSH 125,000 (KSH 145,000 inc VAT)
KSH 80,000 (KSH 92,800 inc VAT)
KSH 90,000 (KSH 104,400 inc VAT)

JACK is a renown brand for industrial sewing machines, automatic cutter and power saving motors.  It is an undisputed world leader in the sewing category and equipment offering a variery of options including Lockstitch, overlock, interlock, postbed, zigzag and heavy duty sewing machines. Additionally, Jack series machine to have integrated wifi and use the free app to control it remotely.

At Glantix we have partnered with JACK industrial sewing machine distributor in Kenya to offer unmatched prices as well a unparalleled service. This with the aim of ensuring that your indutrial sewing machine journey is smooth. We will setup your machine making it a plug and play device thus eliminating any hustles and headaches from the onset.