Premax dealers in Nairobi, Kenya

Premax UPS, money counter, LED TV, cash drawers, POS systems, toners & cartridges, mouse, keyboard, cables and accessories for sale at competitive prices from Glantix premax dealers. We have partnered with Premax distributor to ensure we avail quality premax products at competitive prices. Furthermore, we offer same day delivery

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KSH3,500 (KSH4,060 inc VAT)
KSH4,500 (KSH5,220 inc VAT)
KSH5,000 (KSH5,800 inc VAT)
KSH16,000 (KSH18,560 inc VAT)
KSH16,500 (KSH19,140 inc VAT)
KSH10,000 (KSH11,600 inc VAT)
KSH18,500 (KSH21,460 inc VAT)
KSH8,500 (KSH9,860 inc VAT)
KSH5,200 (KSH6,032 inc VAT)
KSH11,500 (KSH13,340 inc VAT)
KSH14,900 (KSH17,284 inc VAT)
KSH17,000 (KSH19,720 inc VAT)