Epos receipt printers

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KSH 14,000 (KSH 16,240 inc VAT)
KSH 13,500 (KSH 15,660 inc VAT)
KSH 12,500 (KSH 14,500 inc VAT)

Retailers may as it were require a receipt printer, though a eatery would more often than not require at slightest one printer for client receipts and an affect printer for kitchen orders - it truly depends on your sort of trade and the prerequisites you've got. The Epos receipt printers are utilized in retail situations to print credit card slips and client receipts. Additionally, restaurants use receipt printers to print orders in the kitchen or at the bar. Epos thermal printer print by coordinate contact between the warm head (which produces warm) and warm paper (which is thermally coated to be delicate to warm). In this manner warm printers don't require ink or toner, and over time this makes a difference to form up for the higher introductory fetches. More later advancements in warm printing incorporate multi-colored warm printing, and double-sided printing for receipts.