ZOTAC Prices in Kenya

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KSH 100,000 (KSH 116,000 inc VAT)
KSH 42,000 (KSH 48,720 inc VAT)
KSH 16,500 (KSH 19,140 inc VAT)
KSH 12,700 (KSH 14,732 inc VAT)
KSH 11,500 (KSH 13,340 inc VAT)

Looking to elevate your gaming experience to new heights? Look no further than ZOTAC Graphics Cards. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, it delivers unparalleled performance and visual fidelity to your gaming rig. Powered by upto NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 and the ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace architecture,ZOTAC graphics cards deliver stunning realism and lightning-fast speeds. Dive into immersive worlds with full ray tracing, bringing lifelike lighting, reflections, and shadows to every scene. But it's not just about power – it's also about staying cool under pressure. Featuring IceStorm 2.0 Advanced Cooling system that ensures optimal performance, even during intense gaming sessions. With FREEZE Fan Stop and Active Fan Control, you'll experience whisper-quiet operation and efficient cooling, so you can focus on the game. And let's not forget style. With SPECTRA RGB Lighting and a sleek metal backplate, these ZOTAC graphics cards not only perform flawlessly but also look great while doing it. Plus, their compact size makes them perfect for any build, whether you're going for a minimalist look or a bold statement. Experience the next level of gaming with ZOTAC Graphics Cards. Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, we've got the power, performance, and style you need to dominate the competition.