Microphone prices in Kenya

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KSH 12,500 (KSH 14,500 inc VAT)
KSH 6,500 (KSH 7,540 inc VAT)
KSH 4,500 (KSH 5,220 inc VAT)
KSH 3,500 (KSH 4,060 inc VAT)
KSH 17,500 (KSH 20,300 inc VAT)
KSH 10,800 (KSH 12,528 inc VAT)
KSH 3,000 (KSH 3,480 inc VAT)

Microphones converts sound waves into electrical signals for purposes of communication, recording or amplification. There are different types as well as many categories. However, for most buyers the focus is on either wired or wireless microphone. Wireless microphones offers convenience hence popular to many though the price is premium compared to the wired microphones. Wired microphones on the other hand are cheaper and require any batteries to function.

Whichever option you prefer, Glantix has you covered. We offer competitive wireless microphone prices in Kenya as well as wired from accross different brands and manufacturers.