Handboss universal foam cleaner 650Ml
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Handboss universal foam cleaner

  •  Handboss Universal foam cleaning agent is ideal for cleaning Laptop, office furntures, car upholstery, home upholstery,gadgets and metal equipments.
  • The effects of dusts and dirts could lingre on home appliances and mobile devices when cleaned with only water. The case is different with the Handboss Universal foam cleaner. It makes your devices and appliances shiny like brand new.
  • For your phones, tables, ipads, bags, leather furniture and wooden furniture, apply this cleaning agent for the best shiny look ever.
  • This product is made of nature surface active agent which extract from the raw meterial f original halobios. It has plant essence with powerful cleaning property.refined by scientific processing. With characteristics of environmental protection.sterilization,non-toxic,it is borm anew natural gren cleaners.
  • Handboss Universal foam cleaning agent with brush head comes in a 650ml bottle.
  • Application Usage:  Swing the bottle and vetucally spary onto the desired surface 20cm away;    Gently wipe the surface with soft fabric 0.5 minute later
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1 Reviews
Universal foam cleaner
By Rasheed wanjala, July 16, 2020
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