Su-Kam 2KVA/48V power conditioning unit
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Su Kam Power conditioning Unit 2KVA/48V

  • Sukam solar pcu 2kv features PWM Solar Charge Controller Technology
  • DSP based PWM Inverter Technology & IGBTs cum MOSFETs power device
  • 5% THD on linear load & 3:1 Crest Factor
  • Grid I/P Voltage range WW 155VAC to 290VAC and NW 185VAC to 275VAC & Grid Charging Current 30A
  • Max I/P PV 25V Per 36 cell Solar Module & Single Solar Array
  • Max I/P PV Current 30A & Bulk Voltage 57.6V
  • 3.5 Minutes Automatic Charger Restart time after High Current
  • Operating Temp. 0 degree celcius to +50 degree celcius
Category Voltage Regulators, Sukam
Brand Su-kam
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1 Reviews
Su-Kam 2KVA/48V power conditioning unit
By James Kiura, July 16, 2020
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