Sollatek VoltShield AVS 13
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Sollatek VoltShield AVS 13

  • The AVS is an Automatic Voltage Switcher rated at 13 Amps (AVS13). The AVS will switch off the equipment connected toit if the mains power goes outside preset acceptable limits and will re-connect automatically* - when the mains power returns to normal. Re-connection takes place after a delay (‘the start-up delay’) to ensure stability of the mains.
  • Sollatek AVS 13 Shields against: Over-voltage , Under-voltage, Spikes and Surges, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference and Noise) Power-Back Surges, Advanced Lightning.
  • Ideal for All electrical and electronic equipment with a maximum current of 13 amps
  • In addition, the start-up delay provides protection against power-back surges commonly experienced after resumption of power in a power cut situation.
  • Surge and spike protection is also incorporated to ensure protection against these commonly occuring events.
  • This new version of the AVS13 has a built-in microprocessor that has added advanced features to the product.
Category Voltage Regulators, Sollatek
Brand Sollatek
  • Maximum Power:    13 Amps
  • Wait Time:    Adjustable from 15 Seconds to 3 Minutes
  • Ideal For:     All electrical and electronic equipment
  • Weight:     500 gm
  • Dimensions:     205 x 135 x 55mm
Ratings & Reviews
1 Reviews
Sollatek VoltShield AVS 13
By KACHU SIKOLIA, July 16, 2020
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