SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit
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SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit

  • The SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit makes it easy to replace your computer's hard drive with a new SSD (sold separately).
  • The kit comes with a 3.5-inch mounting bracket, a SATA cable, a SATA-to-USB cable, screws, and a screwdriver, giving you all the hardware necessary for an SSD installation. The mounting bracket lets you easily mount your drive inside a desktop PC and is designed to accommodate any 2.5-inch SSD.
  • It comes with both a SATA cable and a SATA-to-USB cable. The SATA cable is 12 inches long, giving you flexibility during in-case desktop PC installations. The SATA-to-USB cable lets you connect your existing hard drive to your SSD for easy data migration.
  • With Sandisk SSD Conversion Kit, installing your new SSD in a desktop computer is easy: simply mount the SSD onto the bracket, secure the bracket onto your computer case using the provided screws, and plug the SSD into a power cable and available SATA port and you are set to work.
  • Also comes with a data-migration software, which eliminates the hassle of manually copying files to your new drive. This software automatically transfers files, programs, and your operating system from your existing hard drive to your new SSD.
Category Computer Accessories, Desktop Accessories
Brand SanDisk
  • Hardware Platform‎: PC; Mac
  • Operating System: ‎Windows 7/Vista/XP;MAC
  • Product Dimensions: ‎1.28 x 5.21 x 5.37 inches
  • What's in the Box: Data-migration software installation CD, 3.5-inch mounting bracket, 12-inch SATA cable, SATA-to-USB cable, screwdriver, eight screws, and user guide


Ratings & Reviews
1 Reviews
SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit
By Sylvia Amisi, July 16, 2020
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