Glory GFS-220 Banknote Counter & Sorter
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Glory GFS-220 Banknote Counter & Sorter

  • The Glory GFS-220 banknote counter and sorter is able to process up to 40 different currencies simultaneously with separate reject pockets, enabling you to process up to 1200 multicurrency notes per minute continuously while rejecting the suspicious banknotes to a separate pocket.
  • With advanced OCR and image capture technology, the Glory GFS-220 allows you to generate a comprehensive and historical report of processed banknotes’ serial numbers in both text and image formats to improve the security and accountability of each transaction.
  • Moreover, this banknote counting and sorting machine also enables you to collect and convert all of the transaction data into Excel format via USB.
  • It is equipped with an informative full colour touch screen display for operational guidance.
  • During banknote processing, dust and other particles can be spread into the air as the notes enter the stacker. With a closed shutter, airflow is retained within the stacker, preventing dust, germs, and viruses from being emitted towards the user.
  • The GFS-220  is designed with easy access to the entire banknote transport path, allowing quick and easy daily maintenance to minimise downtime and eliminate the need for service calls.
Category Office electronics, Counterfeit money detector


  • Hopper: 500 notes (extension 1000 notes)
  • Stacker: 250 notes
  • Reject: 100 notes


  • Piece counting: 1,300 notes per minute
  • Value counting: 1,200 notes per minute
  • Fitness: 1,000 notes per minute
  • OCR: 1,000 notes per minute


  • 303mm × 347mm × 316mm (height with hopper guide: 362mm)
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1 Reviews
Glory GFS-120 banknote counter
By James Kiura, July 16, 2020
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