ZKTeco CMP200 Parking Barrier
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ZKTeco CMP200 Parking Barrier with 4.5m LED boom

  • ZKTeco CMP200 parking barrier is equipped with several advanced features that enhance its functionality and user experience. One notable feature is the inclusion of auxiliary traffic lights within the main body of the barrier. This addition improves the overall experience for users and helps in managing traffic flow more efficiently.
  • It supports anti-smash technology, which is designed to prevent unauthorized tampering or forceful attempts to manipulate the barrier. This is crucial for ensuring the security of the parking area.
  • Additionally, the CMP200 features automatic closing capabilities, which means it can close automatically after a vehicle has passed through. This not only adds convenience but also contributes to the security of the parking facility.
  • To further enhance its functionality, the CMP200 is equipped with various detectors. These include an infrared detector, a loop detector, and a radar detector. These detectors work together to detect the presence of vehicles and ensure smooth and accurate operation of the barrier.
  • The infrared detector can sense the presence of a vehicle in its vicinity, while the loop detector can identify when a vehicle has driven over a specific loop in the pavement. The radar detector provides additional sensing capabilities, making the barrier highly responsive to vehicle movements.
  • CMP200 Parking barrier is flexible in terms of arm direction. Users have the option to exchange the arm direction, allowing the barrier to open from either the left or the right side, making it adaptive to different parking configurations and traffic flow
Category Access control systems, Zkteco access control
Brand ZKTeco
  • Gate Opening / Closing Time: 3s (max. 4.5m), 6s (max. 6m)
  • Remote Controlling Distance: ≤ 30m
  • Remote Controlling Frequency: 430MHz
  • Cabinet Material: Cold rolled steel
  • Boom Material: Aluminum and wood
  • Boom Type: Straight telescopic boom
  • Boom Weight: 3.5kg(4.5m), 4.5kg(6m)
  • Boom Length: 4.5m (packaging length 2.8m)
  • Housing Dimensions: 350 * 280 * 1010 (mm)
  • Packing Dimensions: 430 * 375 * 1100 (mm)
  • Weight: 45kg

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