Televes indoor domestic TV amplifier
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Televes indoor domestic TV amplifier

  • Televes indoor domestic TV amplifier allow the extension and/or improvement of the television network (terrestrial and/or satellite) inside a home. T
  • This TV amplifier stands out for its low power consumption, limited size and easy mounting.
  • Televes indoor domestic TV amplifier has 4 + 1 signal outlets with type F plug
  • Adjustable gain, with a maximum gain of 16dB
  • Televes amplifier offers low VHF, high VHF and also UHF signals amplification
  • Built in LTE filter eliminates any potential cell phone interference created by nearby cell phone stations or home cell phone booster systems
  • High-screening metal chassis provides optimal electromagnetic shielding
  • Elegant and discrete wall-mounted form factor
  • Televes, a world renowned leader of commercial and consumer television solutions with its own research, development and manufacturing facilities provides outstanding quality products for your TV signal reception
  • Low visual impact wall-mounted compact design and small size, with cast metal and resistant high grade ABS plastic construction for maximum reliability
  • Televes TV booster have built in low consumption UL-listed power supply provides over 50% energy savings compared to the wall-wart adapters found in most other distribution amplifiers
Category TV Accessories, Booster
Brand Televes
  • Operating frequency range: MHz 47-790
  • Expansion costs: dB 4X 16 (OUT), 1X 11 (TV)
  • Astonishment (setting): db 15
  • Noise: db 6
  • DIN45004B output: dbμV> 102
  • Power supply: 207-253 V
  • Heat. operating: - 5 ... +45 C
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Consumption: W / mA <2.3 / <23
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1 Reviews
Wall-mounted compact design ensure easy installation
By james njoroge, July 16, 2020
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