Mercury maverick 850VA UPS
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Mercury 850VA UPS

  • Mercury Maverick 850VA UPS operates in offline mode, providing a cost-effective power backup solution. In offline UPS systems, the device switches to battery power only when it detects a utility power outage, making it suitable for basic protection against power interruptions.
  • The UPS has an output capacity of 850VA/510W, making it capable of supporting devices with varying power requirements. It is equipped with 2 universal sockets, allowing flexibility in connecting different types of devices to the UPS for backup power.
  • In Battery Mode, Maverick 850VA UPS generates a Simulated Sine Wave output, providing a stable power signal to connected devices. In AC Mode, it synchronizes with the input power, ensuring seamless transition and compatibility with various electronic equipment.
  • Mercury 850VA UPS comes with one 12V 9AH battery. This battery provides the necessary power backup during outages, contributing to the UPS's ability to maintain device operation in the absence of mains power.
  • It offers a typical backup time of 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the connected load. In Line Mode, it tolerates an input voltage of 110%±5% for 5 minutes before going into fault mode, and 120%±5% immediately. In Battery Mode, it tolerates 85%±5% for 5 seconds before shutting down, and 100%±5% triggers an immediate shutdown. These specifications define the UPS's behavior in different power scenarios, enhancing its protective capabilities.
Category Backup ups, Power
Brand Mercury
  • Input Voltage: 220VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50Hz
  • Single phase
  • PowerCord Built-in Cable with Fuse
  • Input Voltage Range: 140~300VAC
  • Rating: Output 850VA
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1 Reviews
Mercury 850VA ups
By anony mous, July 16, 2020
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