Buy D-Link, TP-link, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Mikrotik switches as well as other brands available at a competitive price in Nairobi, Kenya from Glantix. We are among the leading networking shop in Kenya offering unbeatable network switch prices in Kenya.

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KSH22,000 (KSH25,520 inc VAT)
KSH5,500 (KSH6,380 inc VAT)
KSH4,200 (KSH4,872 inc VAT)
KSH34,000 (KSH39,440 inc VAT)
KSH4,999 (KSH5,798.84 inc VAT)
KSH4,000 (KSH4,640 inc VAT)
KSH2,000 (KSH2,320 inc VAT)
KSH5,000KSH4,000 (KSH4,640 inc VAT)
KSH103,000 (KSH119,480 inc VAT)
KSH55,500 (KSH64,380 inc VAT)
KSH34,000 (KSH39,440 inc VAT)