Microsoft software including windows operating system, office application, design and photo editing software available at competitive prices from Glantix. We have partnered with Microsoft software distributors in Kenya to ensure genuine software at good price. Furthermore, we offer same day delivery.

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KSH58,000 (KSH67,280 inc VAT)
KSH50,000 (KSH58,000 inc VAT)
KSH13,000 (KSH15,080 inc VAT)
KSH9,500 (KSH11,020 inc VAT)
KSH12,500 (KSH14,500 inc VAT)
KSH10,000 (KSH11,600 inc VAT)
KSH9,500 (KSH11,020 inc VAT)
KSH13,300 (KSH15,428 inc VAT)
KSH105,000 (KSH121,800 inc VAT)
KSH7,500 (KSH8,700 inc VAT)
KSH26,800 (KSH31,088 inc VAT)
KSH6,000 (KSH6,960 inc VAT)