Tripp Lite SU6000RT4UHVHW SmartPro 6KVA UPS
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Tripp Lite SU6000RT4UHVHW SmartPro 6KVA UPS

  • Full-time active power conditioning in Tripp lite SU6000RT4UHVHW maintains clean, continuous dual-conversion AC output free of voltage fluctuations, power interruptions and line noise.
  • It features a fault tolerant electronic bypass that maintains utility output during a variety of UPS fault conditions.
  • The detachable back panel PDU contains hardwire input and output connections, plus manual bypass switch to support hot-swappable whole UPS replacement with no interruption to connected equipment
  • Double-conversion operation featured in Tripp lite 6KVA UPS offers full-time AC to DC, then DC to AC conversion to maintain perfectly regulated sine wave AC output with enhanced protection from harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types
  • Tripp lite UPS Smartonline 6000VA Supports detailed monitoring of equipment load levels, self-test data and utility power conditions via built-in RS-232, USB and network management card options
Category Smart UPS, Tripp lite Smart UPS
Brand Tripp Lite
  • UPS Type: On-Line
  • Rated input current (Maximum Load): 31.9A (200V), 30.6A (208V), 29A (220V), 27.7A (230V), 26.6A (240V)
  • Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported: 200V AC; 208V AC; 220V AC; 230V AC; 240V AC
  • UPS Input Connection Type Hardwire
  • UPS Input Connection Description: Supports North American 208/240V input (L1,L2,G) or International 230/220/240V (L,N,PE) input wiring
  • Recommended Electrical Service: 40A (200/208v); 30A (220/230/240v)
  • Input Phase: Single-Phase
  • Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA): 6000
  • Output kVA Capacity (kVA): 6
  • Output Watt Capacity (Watts): 5400
  • Output kW Capacity (kW): 5.4
  • Battery Type: Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)
  • Full Load Runtime (min.): 2 minutes (5400 watts)
  • Half Load Runtime (min.): 8.5 minutes (2700 watts)
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1 Reviews
Tripp Lite SU6000RT4UHVHW SmartPro 6KVA UPS
By megasmart computer solutions, July 16, 2020
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