Tripp Lite SMX5000XLRT3U 5KVA SmartPro UPS
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Tripp Lite SMX5000XLRT3U 5KVA SmartPro UPS

  • SMX5000XLRT3U protects sensitive networking equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges.
  • Line Interactive Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) corrects 230V nominal input from 170 to 282VAC to usable 230V levels without consuming battery power
  • AVR circuits boost undervoltages from 170 to 199V by 12% and reduce overvoltages from 245 to 282V by 12% so that every appliance connected to Tripp lite SMX5000XLRT3U is always safe.
  • It features network interfaces that support simultaneous communications via USB, DB9 serial or contact closure and slot for network management card options
  • It is compatible with Tripp Lite UPS management card options TLNETCARD, WEBCARDLX and SNMPWEBCARD
  • Optional WEBCARDLX (sold separately) with the latest version of PowerAlert Device Manager firmware (PADM20) provides enhanced remote management capabilities
  • PADM20 and PowerAlert Element Manager (PAEM) form a powerful tool for expanding maintenance functions in large installations, including firmware update checks and backup and restoration of device configurations in Tripp Lite 5KVA UPS
Category Smart UPS, Tripp lite Smart UPS
Brand Tripp Lite
  • UPS Type: Line-Interactive
  • Rated input current (Maximum Load): 27A
  • Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported: 230V AC
  • UPS Input Connection Type: Hardwire
  • UPS Input Connection Description: Hardwire input supports International 230V input (L, N, PE)
  • Input Phase: Single-Phase
  • Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA): 5000
  • Output kVA Capacity (kVA): 5
  • Output Watt Capacity (Watts): 3750
  • Output kW Capacity (kW): 3.75
  • Power Factor: 0.75
  • Nominal Voltage Details: 230v nominal inverter output voltage
  • Frequency Compatibility: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Battery Type: Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)
  • Full Load Runtime (min.): 8.5 min. (3750w)
  • Half Load Runtime (min.): 20 min. (1875w)
  • UPS Power Module Weight: 64.86kg
  • Shipping Weight: 82.55kg
Ratings & Reviews
1 Reviews
Tripp Lite SMX5000XLRT3U 5KVA SmartPro UPS
By Dejah Gorczany, July 16, 2020
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