NComputing L200 Multi User Computing Terminal
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NComputing L200 Multi User Computing Terminal

  • Rather than purchase, deploy and maintain additional systems for users, organizations can turn to nComputing's L200 PC Expanion Multi-User Computing Terminal and leverage existing hardware capacity.
  • The small hardware device enables connecting multiple users to a single system using only a single PC or server.
  • It enables users to connect to a single system using only an existing LAN and their own PC Expanion and of course each user also requires their own mouse, keyboard and monitor.
  • Using the L200, up to 10 users can connect to a single desktop or up to 30 users can connect to a single server.
  • Administrators need not maintain security and driver updates on multiple systems even if numerous users connect to the system
  • Software setup is clean and easy
  • Features fast performance
  • The USB support simplifies user's adding data to the host system.
Category Computer Accessories
Brand Ncomputing
  • Environment: Multi-User 
  • Processor: Shared by all users
  • Memory: Shared
  • Users: Up to 30 
  • CD: Shared from host, one user at a time
  • Multimedia: Yes, web quality videostreaming
  • 3D Graphics: No 3D acceleration 
  • Sound-out (speakers): Yes, stereo 
  • Mice & Keyboard: PS/2 (only) 
  • USB Memory Support: Yes 
  • Web Access: Yes 
  • Networking (WAN): Yes, whatever WAN/LAN the Host is connected to
  • IP Address: Yes, and MAC ID 
  • Monitor: Support Up to 1440 x 900 or 1280 x 1024 @ 24 bit 
  • Distance from Host: Metro Area WAN 
  • Application Support: Generally All, need to be MultiUser Friendly
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NComputing L200
By Francis Ochol, July 16, 2020
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