Blank DVD-RW Discs
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Blank DVD-RW Disc

  • Capacity: 4.7GB
  • Maximum Writing Speed: 16x
  • White inkjet printable surface for you to design and print your own discs
  • Perfect for recording data, movies, videos, music, photos and so on
  • Write-once recordable (R) discs make recording unalterable, good for archiving and sharing precious files, free from computer viruses  
  • Sony blank DVD-RW AccuCORE technology provides enhanced accuracy compatibility and reliability Recording speeds varyIncludes jewel case
Category Storage
Brand Generic
  • DVD+RW,
  • 4.7GB (120min)
  • 4x Recording Speed
Ratings & Reviews
1 Reviews
Blank DVD-RW Discs
By Issahaku Sulemana, July 16, 2020
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