APC Smart-UPS SRT 192v 5kva and 6kva Battery Pack
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APC Smart-UPS SRT 192v 5kva and 6kva Battery Pack

  • APC Smart-UPS SRT 192V 5kVA and 6kVA RM Battery Pack features Extended-run battery systems that provide flexible runtime to critical Smart-UPS applications.
  • Multiple battery pack configuration. You can connect up to 10 battery packs for extended runtime applications on your SRT192BP.
  • Embedded monitoring at the cell, module, and cabinet level provides a clear picture of battery runtime and health, with the added benefits of predictable, consistent runtime performance and stable cell health.
Category UPS batteries, APC Smart UPS
Brand APC
  • Battery Output Voltage: 192 V
  • Battery type: Lead-acid battery
  • Battery mounting: Stand alone battery stack
  • Expected Battery Life (years): 3 - 5
  • RBC Quantity: 2
  • Maximum Height: 13.0CM
  • Maximum Width: 43.2CM
  • Maximum Depth: 68.27CM
  • Net Weight: 91.0kg
  • Shipping weight: 105.5kg
Ratings & Reviews
1 Reviews
APC smart-ups srt 192v 5kva and 6kva battery pack
By VEESYS COMPANY, July 16, 2020
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